Friday, November 22, 2013

Temporary permanence

Like anyone, I have wondered, studied and explored why the world is the way it is, specifically why people are the way they are.  It's one of those topics that is just too big.  Even so, I have an idea on why people are the way they are.


It is a matter of what we value.  Shelter, food, clothing.  We value these things as necessities.  We also have less tangible values such as wealth, social standing and fame.  All of this has been discussed before and I am sure you all have read very similar statements.  What is different about my idea then?

When was the last time you valued a Monday?  How about a cow?  What about that banana you had for a snack?  How about the person walking next to you in the cross walk?  Right now you might be wondering why I am asking about such mundane things and the fact that they appear mundane is the exact reason I am bringing them up.  Monday will come like it has since the creation of the calendar and because of its incessant nature, it has become noise in the background of our lives; something to make jokes about or to bemoan.  But if you think about it, that Monday had never been before and will never be again.  Everything that happened during that Monday will never happen again.  You will not see that Monday again, ever. That Monday is entirely and completely unique.  However, due to the repetition, it has been devalued.  Just another day.

Much can be said for the cow, the banana or the random person.  We no longer value these things because they appear ubiquitous, eternal, everywhere.  We see a cow and think it is the same cow even though it had never been and soon will never be again.  Same as the banana and sadly same as the person in the cross walk.

We believe in the permanence of temporary things and concepts.  We think that it will always be there.  We believe the world is immutable.  The only immutable concept is entropy which I suppose is ironic as that is what has happened to our ability value anything.  Entropy is the way of value in the eyes of humans.

Perhaps we have lost our ability to value the mundane.  Perhaps we never had it and still need to learn.  Perhaps we never questioned it because we believe we are immortal and it is only later in life that we realize we have missed the chance to appreciate.  Whatever the reason, people need to value other people, not because they are family, or a person that employees them, but because that person has never been and soon, never shall be.  Let us help make their existence a good one.

Rationally irrational

As I have aged, I have recognized times in my life where I have been loud, impulsive and irrational.  As I identify those moments, I keep them in mind because while I want to be passionate, I do not want to be ineffective with me ability to communicate or being believed.

That being said, what the hell is wrong with oil companies?!  Over the last few months, gas prices have slowly dropped.  Each week, drivers were delighted to see the price had dropped a penny or two.  If economists are to be believed, this is because demand has decreased, refineries do not have to work as hard and it takes time for the 'savings' to trickle down to the little people.

If that is the case, why can gas jump from $2.82 yesterday to $2.99 today.  It takes a week for the price to drop two cents but less than 24 hours for it to jump up 19 cents.  That is not economy, that is oil companies not being considerate enough to buy us dinner and give us a kiss on the lips before bending us over and giving us the shaft.

I have never argued that Capitalism should be fair but it damn well should be afraid of the masses getting tired of it's BS.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Revenant post

Rise!  Rise again, my pretty!  Shake off the clotted soil and expand into the nether beyond.  Muwahaha!

In an attempt to organize my thoughts, I have decided to revive this blog.  I hope to keep this lite, informative and entertaining but in the end, this is a place to spill my neurosis, observations and maybe the occasional rant.

I have also created a new blog for all things related to my current career of choice, SharePoint Architect.  The new blog can be found here.  My SharePoint blog will be technical and dry so if you are into that, cool otherwise feel free to skip it.